The Dietary Allergy Antigen test is a blood test measuring the body’s immune system reaction to 88 different foods.  It measures both the IgE, the immediate reactions, and the IgG, the delayed reactions. The IgE reactions are what people typically call a food allergy.  The IgG reactions also come from the immune system overreacting to the food, although the reaction may not come for up to 72 hours after the body is exposed to the food or antigen.  These reactions are more difficult to identify as what causes the reaction because it doesn’t occur immediately and the reaction is not as severe. These reactions are called sensitivities.  Identifying the foods that the body’s immune system is reacting to aids in knowing what foods should be avoided temporarily until the gut lining is healed. Please contact us to get the best proven allergy elimination techniques called meridians. We make sure our therapy brings a new joy their world.

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