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I am feeling so much better and my allergies are gone!! I feel a lot better than I did before I started seeing Dr. Yeager and love that my body is back in order. I can now do normal daily routines that I wasn’t able to do before. I was so excited to come back on a follow-up visit to let Dr. Yeager know that the allergy treatment he had done had worked!! Dr. Yeager is very friendly and gives great service!


– Jeanette Lopez, SLC, UT.

Auto-Pedestrian Accident


I came to Dr. Yeager after being in an auto-pedestrian accident with severe neck and shoulder pain with headaches.  Dr. Yeager’s expertise helped me greatly with the pain from the accident. I was also very impressed with the level of education I received concerning my condition.

– Christine McMullin



Before treatment started in February 2005 I was on 4 different allergy medications.My symptoms were frequent sneezing that irritated my nose to make it sore and red, itchy, watery and bloodshot eyes most of the time. Since treatment, I am off of all allergy medication and my allergy symptoms have completely gone away.



I used to be so tired and worn down that every day tasks were a chore.I could not move as quickly or swiftly as I knew that I should be able.Now I feel like I could run a marathon and accomplish most tasks in a day that I could never do before.

Right Arm


One day my arm completely gave out.I was in pain and could not use my arm at all.I went to a medical orthopedist and was told that I had Overuse Syndrome and that my condition would take six weeks to three months to heal. I went to physical therapy and when I started strength training my symptoms came back.I was on disability for five months. My orthopedic doctor gave up on me.After seeing Dr. Yeager I felt immediate relief and within 3 weeks my arm was good as new.


– Cameron M., age 27

Milk Allergy


Eating anything with dairy would cause me to suffer for several days.  After treatment with Dr. Yeager, I ate cheese sticks, cheesecake, and other cheese in one meal without any problem.


– Richard M.



Before Dr. Yeager did my allergy treatments I had bowel problems after eating dairy and other foods.  Since my allergy treatments, I have had no problems with eating dairy products and other foods.

– Deyvi Roa


Chronic Fatigue

My reason for coming to Dr. Yeager was for help with my diagnosed chronic fatigue.After not feeling well and not having the energy for over 2 years my friend referred me to Dr. Yeager. After only a few weeks of treatment, I started feeling a little more energy. My daily ritual of sleep and more sleep has now turned into being able to go through my days without that time consuming problem.I am more energized and my emotional state is becoming more happy, full of hope and peaceful.I highly recommend Wholistic Healing. I at first had my doubts but the results are there and I am very grateful to start feeling normal again.


– Debra M., age 50, Bluffdale, UT


Carpal Tunnel

To whom it may concern:

I have a history of multiple injuries from car accidents over the past several years. These accidents have created severe injury to my neck that has lasted. I have received treatment from several doctors over the years. It has been interesting to have experienced what each doctor has done for me.Before coming to Dr. Yeager I was receiving chiropractic care one to two times a week and massages every week for over a year. It seemed it would never end or get to the point that I would not need to have my treatments every week. I had neck pain but also numbness in my hands like carpal tunnel and shoulder pain. In addition to this, my overall body strength was very weak and my range of movement was very limited.

I attended Dr. Yeager’s Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Workshop to be held in October 2000. After my evaluation the following week I learned to be more concerned with the long-term effects of where my health was going instead of immediate pain reduction. Dr. Yeager made me aware of several areas of my body that needed improvement to help me feel better and then showed me how to do it. I did not have carpal tunnel syndrome as I thought I might. The correction to my neck has greatly improved the severity and frequency of the painful headaches that I have experienced for several years. A tendon was out of place in my shoulder that had been causing me much pain. That has been corrected and has created much less pain. My neck movement is much better with much less pain. My strength is gradually coming back and allowing me to do things that I have not done for a long time. It has been nice to be able to be shown and do exercises that I can do at home that relieve the pain and numbness that I have had for so long.

Not all doctors are the same. I would recommend to anyone the long-term beneficial effects that come from corrective care.


– Mary DuPaix


Pain & Numbness

I have been suffering for 2 years with hand pain, numbness, tingling that would wake me up at night along with neck pain and headaches.  With less than a month of treatment by Dr. Yeager, the pain was gone and I no longer wake up 4 to 5 times a night with the pain and numbness.


– Teri White


Hand Pain

After having surgery on both wrists without any benefit I did not know what to do.  I had Dr. Yeager evaluate my condition and found out what was going on and what needed to be done to alleviate my problem.  After my first treatment, I could already tell a difference. With only a month of care, I feel much better and can focus on other things in life and not just the pain.

– Ryan Wilkins


Low Back Pain

Thank you so much for your help with my low back pain.  I was able to enjoy my brother’s wedding and travel back to New York in one piece.

– Kelly Thompson


Preventative Medicine

It’s not often you come across expert help in the medical field where preventative medicine is encouraged and is effective.  However, we have found that Dr. Yeager’s Techniques in Chiropractic, allergy and homeopathic medicine are that expert help. He has helped our family in all there area- prevented gallbladder surgery, relieved us of multiple allergies and their symptoms, relieved us of migraine headaches as well as neck and back pain. Thanks so much Dr. Yeager!

– The Watts Family


Children’s Wellness

My daughter came home from school with a fever. We called to cancel our appointment but they said it would be ok if she came and that they could help her.  When she got to their office she has a temperature of 103.5. After she was done with her treatment and footbath her temperature had dropped to 102 degrees. By the time we got home, she seemed like she was feeling well and was walking around.  That night I took her temperature and it was completely gone! We were all so amazed and grateful to Dr. Yeager for helping our daughter.


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